Friday, January 29, 2010

Introduction: Hello from Jacqui at Uplift Antidote


Well the first thing I have to say is that I'm in great company here. I've just read the recent introduction posts by Sai, Aine, Pam and Marcime. They do say birds of a feather flock together. I can relate to all the reasons why you like to write (and all the reasons why you haven't before).

Blogging can make you feel very naked sometimes. I remember last year when I first started blogging, I felt very naked and vulnerable putting my words out there. But then I came to the conclusion, that I've been given a 'voice' for a reason and I should therefore use it. As a friend said to me recently: "I'm just putting dishes on the collective table - and it's up to everyone whether they dip in or pass".

Right. Now to the bit that I never like doing. The bit when you join a class or a new group and they ask you to stand up and introduce yourself.

I'm the blogger behind Uplift Antidote. I write posts that aim to be uplifting, inspiring or thought provoking. I try to do a post a day but don't always manage it. It's less of a personal blog and more of a mission! I think it's important to keep upbeat and optimistic and writing my blog helps me do that - and hopefully helps readers too.

I live in London, am a life-long dog, animal and nature lover and a creative, sensitive soul. London is on one hand not ideal for me - because it's crowded and often grey and people's faces tend to be quite miserable. It is a stressed city that's for sure. But on the other hand, I've come to love it too. There are so many creative people here and I've had the opportunities to meet and become friends with people from all over the world and all shades and colours.

One of the things that's important to me is promoting racial harmony (whatever 'race' is). I have known so many wonderful people of all skin colours and I know we all share a common humanity and spirituality and it saddens me to see negative stereotypes and labels still in operation. I hope to challenge that by promoting a positive message through my blog. These are the posts that I'm wanting to write but haven't yet found the right words.

As for me personally, I'm female, have a grown-up beautiful loving daughter who is on the road to being signed as a singer. I love her very much and we are best friends. I have a partner who I also love dearly and whose smile always lifts my heart. I have a Mother who has not spoken to me for well over a year and a Father who lives in Australia and who is also currently not talking to me! My 'true' parents were my Grandparents and they are now in that special place that we all go to at the end of our journey here on Earth. So I've had a few 'bumps' in the family department. But I'm okay! :)

My mission in life? To shine my light, to inspire and help others along their path and to continually strive to live to be my fullest and 'bestest' version of me. Gandhi's saying, "Be the change you want to see in the world" is wisdom I live by.


Tony Anders said...

I knew we would bump into each other here! Welcome and good to have you join the party as well! Looking forward to what transpires here!

Sai said...

Welcome to the group, Jacqui! Your words are so inspiring! Here's wishing you much support from the Universe as you continue to spread the light through your writings and your positivity.

Katherine Jenkins said...

Hi Jacqui-Beautiful post. As I was reading it, I almost felt like all the members here were sitting in a circle in a room somewhere listening to you share your story. How honest you are and I find so many similarities. I also felt so naked when I first started writing. I felt very exposed. Now, the more people I connect with, the more I feel like I opening up and sharing. Glad you are here Jacqui...I see your light shining..keep shining it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacqui. Fancy bumping into you!! Great post.


Pamela Bousquet said...

Welcome Jacqui!! Wow - it just AMAZES each time I "meet" a new blogging friend, how much we all have in common...the world over! And yet, we're each unique and bring special gifts to this effort. I'm certainly looking forward to following you and your posts!

marcime said...

London sounds like Toronto - completely multi-cultural - where the construct of race means less and less...
welcome here - nice blog by the way