Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pleased to Meet You...What You Want My Name?

RASPBERRIES!!! Thoroughly Modern Millie was my favorite movie as a child. Though looking back on it, I often wondered why I was allowed to watch a movie that had the adult world so entrenched in the story line. You have white slavery, prostitution, jazz babies, and thingees popping out of bras. Perhaps I loved the way Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore had to tap dance in the elevator to get the damn thing to move. At the heart of the story for me was the lovely, raspy voice of Carol Channing. I wanted to be HER, because she was comfortable being HER. My first life lesson at the tender age of seven, was to be ME. Carol had a voice that exuded confidence, not beauty. She had a strength acquired through love. She loved to perform and she loved character and out of character.
So, here's the deal. Katherine and I have been corresponding, reading each others blogs during this past year. She is aspiring to write her story (yes folks...if I may be a little Palin Folksy right now) about her life lessons, about the Buddhist monk she married. Love is a thing of beauty that is often imitated, yet rarely lived for most people. Katharine has endured enough of my private prodding...and invited me to be a contributor on this wonderful venture. I am a bit of an anti-heroine, a rebel...because the bottom line is what the publishing industry seems to have evolved to. The goal is to write, to read wonderful stories, differing genres, and please hope for ORIGINAL THOUGHT, which is a concept I feel has been L O S T in this world that has become so driven by currency. My views darling...and not meant to be taken as gospel...a Dharma...a chapter. I have published four works, because well, writers do that sort of thing...and I am not adverse to self publishing...MOST of the writers I have venerated HAVE. However, my reasons for publishing are not the SAME reasons MOST publish. MOST publish with dollar signs in their eyes. They wear the title of author and disband the title of HUMAN. The reality is, when you are striking out there, the goal should be to improve your craft. You can read a million books about how to do something, but like religion, you have to find what works for you. The publishing world is changing and the industry is horrified that more writers are taking control of their art. YES...ART. This is an art and not everyone has the gift to do what we as writers do, and that is to tell our whatever way it is presented.
If you are like I are not afraid of these blank pages. You get excited about them and realize that anything...absolutely anything is possible, so you pick up your favorite writing implement and you get to work; notebooks, laptops, CPUs, or on a highly coveted MacBook. One of the HUGE mistakes I would make would be to try to copy someones writing style, and try to make it my own. WRONG. You can learn from many writers, but what most need is their own voice, signature...something that is the missing note to enhance what is yours. What seems to eat away at writers is the direction the market goes...the celebrity 'author' who employs a ghost writer to ink their story. Perhaps the list books get to you. Perhaps it is the number of books you have picked up and you shake your head and wonder WHY it is so popular with the masses.
I had to stop doing that myself because what happens is this thinking gets writers to reinvent the wheel. Come on people...what we need to do is to stop rehashing the latest vampire love scenes and write our blessed little hearts out to capture what we want to feel and see...and just maybe an audience will find you or you will find the audience. The first audience that has to be happy is YOU.
OK, a little about me. This is my vision board, collage, collection of odd pictures...whatever you want to call it that I look at. It kind of reminded me of Henry Miller's bathroom, but the reason I put it up was for my personal inspiration so I take action in my life. I am a 43 year old woman who still runs around like I am in my 20s. Most people can't believe my age. GOOD. I wouldn't want them to think I had cashed my chips in and decided to die in front of a television. Unfortunately, this has been the legacy for most in my age group, and they have the extra large seating to confirm their death wish. I am unforgiving about laziness and attitudes that are suicidal. I see this precious gift called LIFE...and baby it is worth living. "That's good for you, but not for me." really is a reason for people to continue doing the same thing. Change is UNCOMFORTABLE. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting change...does not work.
I close with my hands extended out...and a picture, of a what I have dubbed a fire horse (which I am one). This image I captured at the Daegu Arboratoreum. It is one of the oldest pieces of surviving art in South Korea. I loved it because I personally related to it. That is what it takes for your art to succeed. Not everyone will love you. So get over that and get to work. I look forward to seeing all of us come together to make this blog not just what will help us, but how we can help others along the way.


Katherine Jenkins said...

Thanks for lighting the fire on this blog, Marilyn. Hope the other contributors will add some more kindling. Love the collage, thanks for sharing!

yoon said...

Very strong words. But we need to listen and become our original self.

Marilyn said...

@Kathy As a friend of mine wrote to me today, "it's all in the journey". They will come, and perhaps like I did...sense a little hesitation to post something in an approximate timeframe to let the posts get some air time. There are already several wonderful posts.
@Yoon...I agree, the original self and not an image is the hardest thing for people to share. If an image is rejected no one really gets hurt. However, to be yourself takes courage to get to a place where a person is not affected by being loved or accepted for who they are. Getting past the ego that blocks our the only velvet rope we should worry about.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn, I loved reading your post. You are quite an inspiration ! I made a dream board of sorts for my blog under the page tab "Dreams". It is a powerpoint presentation and I find that having it on my blog / computer is really accessible way to revisit my focus and goals. Plus it was loads of fun to put together !

Marilyn said...

Hi Colleen
There is some things that I agree with regarding the "LOA"...well how it was presented in the "Secret" was more like an infomercial...I have issues...but I will table those.
Ah, derailed myself for the moment...but it is true that what you 'think about' or I choose 'meditate' on is what CAN materialize in your life. I am glad you felt a lot of positive emotion when you put your dreams page together...
I have pulled my down, and have it in my suitcase. Getting ready to see these images jump off the board and come to life. Paris..and then Prague. I hope you are seeing the same thing from your dreams...translate them into reality. I like to focus on them for a long time and feel them as though I have them always.
Thank you for your kind words.

Heather Conroy said...

I have been thinking about putting together a vision board for a while now, so it was great to see and read about yours. I love your energy Marilyn. I have no doubt your dreams will become reality.

Marilyn said...

Heather, Thank you for your kind words. I have to say I love what you captured an innocence that seems so lost right now in your introduction. Reading all of the introductions has made me realize what a wonderful group of writers...this being possibly the best writers groups I have ever have been a part of...and I smile at all of the jewels...we all glitter in our unique way.
No doubts...for you as well!

Lille Diane said...

Hello, Marilyn.... WOW! Truth is a torch. Fire me up! I, too, have a dream/vision board. Mine focuses a lot more on what I am grateful for than what I "want". It forces me to take an inventory on "wants" or "needs" or how (or where) I see myself a day from now, a week from now or years from now. I learned a long time ago, I am not "my car". So having a fancy car doesn't dictate who I am. Nor do I write with the thought that it will make me famous or rich. Have I fantasized about being on Oprah??? Heck yeah!!! I'd break my pooter screen with my nose growing faster than Pinocchio's if I said anything else. LOL But I do write because it makes my spirit rich, and if my words make someone else richer by reading job is done~ I look forward to getting to know you better, too. Happy traveling! Paris...Prague... sweet!

Marilyn said...

Hi Lille! You are an inspiration too. I am actually pleased to see the range in age and experience levels here. Every time I come on to make a post...I see all of these wonderful stories of our individual journeys come out.

My visions are about people, experiencing life...very far from the things department...about creating...and that is what I see here. If I thought for a moment, this was about being a self-licking ice cream cone...I would not do this. What I do feel is so positive...and I do hope the gentlemen will be posting more soon (big smiles to them).

I am going to be sharing something very we all are, and I look forward to the naked experience. We are going to learn so much from each other, and yes...sounds corny to say, but I feel the love here.