Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hello from Down Under

Ooooh how exciting.
I am officially a contributor!
I could be really cheesy now and say... G'day
But I won't.
My real name is Sharni Montgomery - Sharnanigans is the name of my upcoming website and freelance writing business.
I am stoked to be part of this group.
Thank-you Katherine for having me as a contributor.
I am from a small town in Country NSW in Australia.
I am passionate about writing.
I lived in Sydney for a number of years where I worked for the Sydney Morning Herald .
I worked in an advertising role, however just before I left for the 'One Horse Town" (my nickname for where I live) I had 2 stories published.
One was a little crazy (my pre: settle down a little days) I answered share accommodation advertisements in the paper as a means to find love!
Click here to read
The other was an interview with an Australian rock singer - Jon Stevens.
Since leaving Sydney life has turned on it's head.
I met and fell in love with a farmer - we took off to Vietnam to teach English - but discovered we were pregnant and came home!
It has been a blessing - since becoming a Mother I have started my blog The Chronicles of Sharnia which I am absolutely passionate about.
It has given me a creative outlet as well as allowed me to meet many inspirational writers - that I begrudged not being able to meet in my town - hello cyberspace!
I am in process of having website design - and I hope to interview inspiring people on my here and make a real dent in the cyber world (ambitious! yes!) and I will continue writing the chronicles of my life.
I love being part of a writing group as I love to empower and be empowered by talented writers.
Thanks for having me.


Katherine Jenkins said...

Welcome to Writers Rising, Sharni...great to have you!!!

Marilyn said...

Sharni...nice to meet you! You clearly are passionate indeed! All the best to you! Great pix from the dashcam!

Heather Conroy said...

Hi Sharni!

Anonymous said...

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